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Savings Accounts

Start Saving Today!

Start saving today! An initial $10 is required to open your account. This includes a one-time membership fee of $5 and a $5 minimum savings deposit.

Other features of Regular Savings include:

  • A competitive interest rate paid quarterly on the average daily balance in your savings account. 
  • Withdrawals: To withdraw money from your savings account, simply stop by a credit union branch or go to an ATM terminal. Members may make up to six savings withdrawals per quarter free of charge. After six withdrawals in one quarter a $5 charge per excessive withdrawal is applied
  • Quarterly statements available 4 hours after quarter-ends, or longer for mailed statements.

Savings Rates

First Mate Kids Club

Ahoy kiddos! We may be Captain of this ship, but we need First Mates to carry on our legacy. This savings account is for those 18 years old or younger. There is a minimum of $10 to open ($5 goes to savings and $5 is a membership fee). 

When you open a First Mate Club account with us, you'll get:

  • Great Rates
  • Pink or Blue Piggy Bank to help you save
  • Treasure Chest Prizes
  • You'll also be entered into drawings throughout the year for a chance to win some really cool stuff! 

So, what Arrrrrr you waitin' for? Set sail into your Credit Union Today!


Certificate of Deposit

(Regular and IRA)

You can open a Regular Certificate with a minimum balance of only $500. Certificates are available with terms of 6 to 24 months. Our Certificates can be used for your Individual Retirement Account (IRA).IRA CD terms are 12-60 months. 

Features of our Certificates include:

  • A fixed dividend for the term of the certificate.
  • Competitive dividend rates.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Savings Certificates.