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Debit Cards

Debit Cards

Our VISA® Debit Card combines the economy of a checking account with the convenience and versatility of a credit card. Your card works at millions of locations that accept VISA® Debit Cards. Your VISA® Debit Card draws money from your checking account, so no interest charges apply (ATM charges may apply).

Benefits of Debit Cards:

  • Convenient
  • Easy cash withdrawals.
  • Keeps track of your expenses.
  • Added security alerts sent to mobile devices & email.
  • Not held accountable for money spent on a lost or stolen card.

The VISA® Debit Card is available with all of our Checking Accounts.


Card Management at Your Fingertips

Manage your finances while guarding against fraud by using the latest version of CardValet app:

  • Turn your credit cards on and off
  • Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories and geographic locations
  • Receive alerts when your credit card is used, approved or exceeds the transaction controls set by you
  • Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted and declined transactions
  • Get real-time balances for your accounts

Click here to check out CardValet and get the app today

Overdraft Protection


Additionally, our members are able to avoid the expense and inconvenience of overdrafts. No fee applied for overdraft from Share Account or Loan. 

Courtesy Pay

This program is available on all of our checking accounts 90 days after the account has been opened, unless the member decided to opt-out when opening the account. There is a fee of $30 per advance of funds,with a maximum of $500. 

Call (770) 503-1765 today to set up an account with Lanier Federal Credit Union!

Debit Card Assistance

For a Lost/Stolen LFCU Visa Debit Card, please call (800) 472-3272.
For a LFCU VISA Debit Pin Change, please call (800) 757-9848.