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Beware of Scams!

It has come to our attention that some of our members may receive text messages regarding fraudulent purchases made with their debit cards that may not be legitimate and is an attempt to obtain your account/debit card information.  Unfortunately, this is a common mechanism fraudsters implement on a daily basis.  

Rest assured, Lanier Federal will never ask you to give personal information, full debit card numbers or CVV codes; only verify what we already know.  If you receive a text message and immediately receive a call after responding, do not give out any type of personal information.  

Feel free to call us at 770-503-1765 to verify activity on your account.  If you have given out any type of information at any time, monitor your account transactions closely for any inconsistencies.  Or if you are just uneasy, give us a call.  You know us and you know we truly love our members and will help you in any way we can!