Car Buying Service

At Lanier Federal Credit Union, we are always striving to find new innovative solutions for our members. Now, we are offering a brand new service to help you locate your next vehicle, AND have it delivered to you too!

Credit Union CarFinders

CU CarFinders has partnered with Credit Unions in Atlanta for 25 years. Large and small CU CarFinders is dedicated to helping Credit Unions and their members navigate the stressful process of car buying. Between acquiring suitable financing, finding the right vehicle, and making sure you don’t spend more than you need to, buying a car can be overwhelming. CU CarFinders is here to help! They work inside the building with your Loan Representative to ensure you get a great car for the right price. CU CarFinder specialists have over 1,500 vehicles available today but we can find any particular make or model you are looking for through a customized search. Once we find your vehicle, delivery is a simple and easy process. We deliver to all Credit Union branch locations or come into our office and pick up your car! We bring the Credit Union level of care and community to the car business by keeping member service our number one priority.

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Carvana's goal is to revolutionize the car buying industry and make the process of buying a
car as easy, stress free, and transparent as possible. CARVANA is now offering LFCU
members a better car buying experience without the struggle of dealing with a dealership or
middle man. With 100% of their stock being Carvana Certified, you can create a digital garage and have
peace of mind knowing that you will be happy with the purchase.

  • Delivery to your door, neighborhood Lanier Federal Credit Union, or Carvana Vending Machine
  • 7 day return policy

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Making a Payment Has Never Been Easier!

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New Pay-By-Phone with Debit/Credit

Call or come in and pay with your VISA Debit or Credit Card, or MasterCard with another Financial Institution! A 5% Processing Fee does apply.