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Whether you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, Auto Advisors is here to help take the "aggrevation" out of the car buying process.  This service is hassle free and at no cost to you! 

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Let our loan officers save you time and money! Since rates change frequently, should you qualify for a better advertised offer than ours, which seldomly occurs, our loan officers will strive to beat your best offer, saving you even more money!!

In the market for a new car, don't be fooled by the dealer's advertisements: A supposed 0.00% rate has minimal repayment terms, down payments are large, you waive your substantial rebate, and qualifications are extreme. Let Lanier Federal Credit Union lower your payments and save you time, money & frustration. Let the dealer know upfront that you want Lanier Federal Credit Union to handle your financing! What have you got to lose, it's just money, right?

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Lanier Federal Credit Union.....We're hard to beat!!!

Student Loans


Auto Loans

Second Chance Auto Loans. We can help! Ask a loan officer for details.

Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of April 1, 2015


Loan Type Terms (Months) Interest Rate1
New Autos: Purchase/Refinance (add .5% for cash out)
NEW to 2010 year model 36 months or less 1.99%*
  37 - 48 months 2.25%*
Max 100k miles for >60 mos 49 - 60 months 2.49%*
  61 - 72 months 2.99%*
Minimum loan amount $30k 73 - 84 months 3.99*
2009 to 2005 year model 36 months or less 2.99%*
  37 - 48 months 3.49%*
Max 100k miles for >48 mos 49 - 60 months 3.75%*
2004 & older year model 25 - 36 months 5.49%*
Max 100k miles for >36 mos
*Max mileage any vehicle 150k*
37 - 48 months 5.99%*
Second Chance Auto Loans. We can help! Ask a loan officer for details.
New Motorcycles: Purchase/Refinance
  48 months or less 4.75%*
  49 - 60 months 4.99%*
  61 - 72 months 5.99%*
Used Motorcycles: (add 1% for cash out)
Used to 2004 year model Up to 36 months 5.75%*
  37 - 48 months 5.99%*
  49 - 60 months 6.49%*
Recreational Vehicles: New Boat/Camper - (Purchase only, no cash out) (Min. 10% Down Payment Required)
  up to 60 months 4.49%*
  61 - 96 months 4.99%*
  97 - 120 months 5.49%*
Recreational Vehicles: Used Boat/Camper
Used to 2004 year model same Add 1% to new rate*
ATV, Dirt Bike, Jet Ski, Mowers, Tractors:
New 49 - 60 months 6.99%*
  48 months or less
Used to 2004 37 - 48 months 7.99%*
  36 months or less 7.25%*
up to 60 months 10.99%*
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Share / CD Secured:

Up to 24 months

25 - 48 months

49 - 72 months

73 - 84 months

Dividend rate  + 2 %

Dividend rate + 2.5%

Dividend rate + 3 %

Dividend rate + 4 %

Overdraft Protection:
Variable 18.00%
Fixed As low as 9.9%
Second Mortgages, Home Equity Lines, Vacant Land, Contact us for information


If you find a better deal, contact our Loan Officers…we strive to offer you the best possible loan rates!!

1 Daily interest rate, APR may differ
* Rates are subject to change without notice. Your interest rate is based on your credit profile/beacon, term, age, and value of collateral, as well as LFCU underwriting guidelines. Therefore, your individual rate could be higher than the stated rate. Those with past credit problems will receive rates consistent with their credit history. Our loans are simple interest, closed end notes. Extended terms are based on amount financed. Loan processing fee up to $50 may apply on some loans. Fee does not account for lien recording or membership requirements. Non-Members must pay membership fee ($10) outside of loan.  Please speak with a Loan Officer for details.

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